When working on a project Nailbenders will stay in an improvised RV Camp. The sponsoring church is required to provide the services discussed below for the duration of our stay.

Parking Area

Nailbender turnouts range between 15 and 25 RV’s. This requires a parking area of around 10,000 sq ft. The ground must be solid enough to allow heavy vehicles to maneuver without getting stuck even when the ground is wet. Gravel may be required if the ground is soft. Parking is usually adjacent to the construction site.


A water hose faucet near the parking area with sufficient capacity (city water or a large well/pump) must be available. We will bring the necessary hoses and manifolds to provide water connections for the RV’s.


A transformer at least 50KVA in size is required in close proximity to the parking area. We will provide temporary poles and two 200 amp service boxes to be hooked up to the transformer by the power provider. The church is responsible for making necessary arrangements with the power company. We will bring cable and boxes to provide 30 amp connections to each of the RV’s.


A sewer drop is required. This can be satisfied with a city sewer drop, a septic tank drop, or a rented sewer box to be pumped out during our stay. The drop must be located near the parking area. We will provide the necessary piping to provide connections at each of the trailers.


A temporary garbage container must be provided.

RV parking is discussed in greater detail in the attached Construction Manual.

While our RV parking is not on the same level as parks you may have stayed in, we have the basic necessities for our two week stay and the fellowship and blessings we enjoy easily offsets any of the inconveniences!