HopeAlive Ministry, Overcup AR

BEGINS: Arrival on Monday the 2nd of March and work begins Tuesday, March 3, 2020

ENDS:  Upon completion, predicted March 7, 2020


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  • The building is located on Highway 9, in the Overcup community, north of Morrilton, AR.   
  • Traveling on I-40 take Exit 108, the east most exit.  Turn north onto highway 9.
  • Travel approx. 4 miles north on Highway 9 to an old rock church on the left (west) side of the road.  This building is across the road from the Church of Christ and its large parking lot.
  • We will be working on the building at the back of the rock building.  The restaurant is not part of the property, but it is no longer in business and a convenient place to stop.
  • Be aware of the work going on to modify the highway!  There are a lot of areas that are under construction.

GPS Location:

N 35 deg. 13' 30"
W 92 deg. 41' 35"


We will be hanging sheet rock in a 75' x 32' building, ceiling and walls.  Plumbing is done, HVAC is in progress, and electrical should complete next week.  There is limited parking at the building, so we will split parking between an RV park about 2 miles from the work site, with limited parking available at the work site.  The Overcup parking is also limited (crappie season) so make any reservations early.  I believe the cost is $15 per day.  Contact me on your plans for parking.