Grannies on the Go

Nailbenders’ wives are also known as the “Grannies on the Go”. They are always “going”, whether following their husbands around to the different Nailbender Jobs, or “going” out on adventures of their own. While their main focus is supporting the Nailbenders, the wives also visit the area Nursing Homes to sing for and visit with the patients, and visit with the host Church’s shut-ins. Grannies also have a sewing ministry, sewing lap robes, bibs, walker caddies, neck pillows, etc. for the nursing home patients. They have a daily devotional time when they gather to fellowship, worship, and pray with each other. During these times strong close friendships are developed. When there are no visits to be made, and visiting the nursing homes is done, the Grannies manage to find time to “go” out into the community, shop, spend time together playing games or simply fellowship with each other.

Of course, Granny on the Go activities are optional for women who choose to work on the slab alongside the men.