Nailbenders work on two types of buildings, wood structures and framing out the interior of completed metal buildings. The amount of construction that Nailbenders can complete on any job is dependent on the weather, size of building, amount of church help, and Nailbender turnout. We encourage church members at least 16 years of age to come out and work with us. Experience is not required!

Nailbenders can do the rough framing of a building, including the following:

  • framing
  • erecting trusses
  • decking the roof
  • hanging (not finishing) sheetrock
  • constructing all elements of a stage

The church is responsible for the following:

  • all concrete work
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • insulating
  • heating & ventilation
  • roofing
  • interior and exterior finish work
  • cleaning the slab after work each day

Another group associated with the Nailbenders is the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They often follow us when the church has completed interior painting. They will hang interior doors and install trim throughout the building. The church is responsible for scheduling the Trim Crew.

In addition to the construction activities listed above, the church is responsible for providing a noon meal and morning break supplies for each work day. Church responsibilities for RV parking are discussed on the RV Camp page.

Construction activities are described in much greater detail in our Construction Manual. It is an Adobe® .pdf file that can be downloaded and printed. To Access the Construction Manual simply click on the link here, or in the sidebar to the left.